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People say . . .

“Jeanna is an excellent proofreader and provides careful, efficient work. She’s quick with house style and preferences, raises questions that should be asked, and bears in mind far more of the manuscript than just the sentence-by-sentence details. I’m always confident about a manuscript I’ve sent to Cover to Cover Services.”

"I have worked with Jeanna for more than seven years at a prestigious law firm and know her to be industrious, energetic, conscientious, and indefatigable! She has highly specialized communication, writing, and computer skills. She pays attention to detail and has a command of medical and legal terminology. She has fast and accurate keyboard typing skills and remarkable computer and information technology proficiencies. She takes pride in her work and has already demonstrated that she is an excellent proofreader and transcriptionist."

"Jeanna, you rock! Your work is impeccable and your attention to detail is beyond compare. I am thrilled with the returned product."

"Thank you for your professional proofreading! Sometimes my brain works faster than my fingers, and you took that and ran with it. The value of a competent proofreader is evident because when I read what I have written, I see what I thought I wrote and, unfortunately, there is frequently a disconnect. I will definitely be sending more your way!"

“Thanks for proofreading the lessons! Would you believe two editors went over those and didn't see what you caught? I appreciate it!”

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