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What reference materials do you use for your transcription and proofreading services?

Morson's English Guide for Court Reporters; The Chicago Manual of Style Online; The Christian Writer's Manual of Style: 4th Edition; and Merriam-Webster's Collegiate DictionaryOf course, if you have your own style sheet or style guide, I will follow your preferences.

Do I need a proofreader or a copyeditor?

Proofreaders are the final eyes looking at a project before publication. They do not rewrite. They are looking for glaring mistakes that were missed during edits. Some of the errors proofreaders look for include the following:

  • spelling

  • punctuation

  • grammar (including subject/verb agreement, pronouns and their antecedents, comma splices, sentence fragments and run-ons, and misplaced modifiers)

  • repeated or missing words

  • correct word usage (e.g., your/you're, its/it's, affect/effect)

  • formatting (extra line breaks and spaces)

  • typos

Copyeditors look for all of the above errors and also take a detailed look at the structure and clarity of sentences. Copyeditors:

  • provide basic fact-checking

  • look for consistency in the timeline, character details, etc.

  • fix or flag confusing phrases

  • rewrite and reorganize, but not on a large scale

What methods do you use to annotate documents?

I prefer using Microsoft Word, but I can also annotate PDF documents.

Why should I hire you?

No matter how strong your grammar skills are, you always need someone else to be your second set of eyes. I have a keen eye for detail, years of experience proofreading and editing documents, and I help clients produce quality finished products!

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